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Are you passionate about helping animals?
Looking to put your Veterinarian Technical skills to good use for the largest no-kill animal shelter in Grays Harbor County?
If so, we want to hear from you! PAWSGH is looking to add an experienced Animal Technician to our team.

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PAWSGH Working With Furvana 2021

We have exciting news!

PAWSGH was chosen to be this year’s charity beneficiary from Furvana, which is a furry convention being held in Ocean Shores, September 10-12th, 2021. For more info on the con, check out Furvana’s official website at:

Thank you so much for having us Furvana!  We look forward to the event and hope many folks will join us at the convention!


To Visit Furvana’s Official Website Click Here

Thank you for supporting PAWSGH and Furvana!

Help Precious Kittens Like Squish


This is Squish. Squish came to us too small and weak to feed himself.

Every year, in the Spring and Summer, it’s “Kitten Season.” We see a huge increase in the number of kittens coming into PAWSGH.

Hundreds and hundreds of kittens, litter after litter after litter.

While we can talk about the importance of spaying and neutering—which is critically important—that won’t help the kittens who are already born and struggling.

Kittens like Squish.

Fortunately, PAWSGH is here to help them.

We take in those unwanted, unloved kittens and give them what they need.

We give them medical care.

We give them food.

We give them a safe place to live and grow.

We give them love.

And, whenever they are ready, we adopt them out to people who will treasure them forever.

Squish is doing fine, and will be ready in a couple of weeks to find his forever home.

Just like his many fellow kittens that PAWSGH cares for, every Spring and Summer—and all year ’round.

However, we can’t continue to save all these precious kittens without your help.

So please, take a moment and send your gift today to PAWSGH, so we can keep making sure these kittens will have a chance for a happy life.


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Thank you for supporting PAWSGH!