Kiki found a new family in 2012. I would like to share a few notes we received from them below:

10/18/2015 “This is Kiki (aka Spoiled Rotten Pretty Princess.) Here she is DEMANDING mommy person give her some pizza rolls I am eating OR ELSE.
When she was with you guys, she was known as Poco. She adopted us as her silly humans in Dec. 2012.
She’s still with us. Spoiled now more than she will ever know. Very much loved, then center of our world, quite the cuddle bug.
Huge thank you to the folks who gave her for being “hyper.” You will never know what a wonderful cuddle bug, head supervisor, human walker, evil kitty kat chaser away, college class study time supervisor, rat killer and spoiled rotten princess that she is.”

10/11/14 “This Is Kikyio (but we call her Kiki.) She was named Pocco when we adopted her from you guys. Be two years in December since we brought her home. She is currently living the life of a well loved spoiled rotten princess.”

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