Mr. Fitzpatrick came into the shelter named “Jack.” His previous owner was moving to a home where she could not have him. He was very frightened and often peed as soon as anyone would pick him up. Over a weeks time, he started to feel safe at the shelter and would bark in his kennel until someone would come and pick him up. He loved to just be carried around, but still a bit shy of new people it was hard to make a good first impression with potential new families. It finally happened though, Jack fell in love. Below is a note from is new family. I think the only time we will be seeing him back at the shelter will be for visits.

“Mr. Fitzpatrick, Aka Jack, is now registered with the national service animal registry as my medical alert animal!!! way to go !!! he is wonderful passes all of the tests! What a wonderful thing!!! adopt a rescue!!!! they are the best!
I have NEVER felt so loved by anyone in the world!!! He is just the greatest little man. I don’t know what I would do without him !”

No more kennels for this boy!


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