Lucy, originally Tippy, is happy and loved. Here are a few updates from her family:

08/18/2015 “We are still loving Lucy (Tippy)! She has a bed and many soft things to lay on, but seems to like coffee tables the best! She is very loving and greets everyone with a meow and a rub. She acts like she has always been here and we are very much in love with her. Just wanted to drop a line and let you know she is still doing great! Thanks again for taking care of her while she was between homes!”
12/21/2014 “A yr and half ago, I came in and asked for a young adult female cat that was the most unsocial, unfriendly cat u had as she would be an outside/shop cat. Well she has decided recently she wanted to be an indoor/outdoor kitty, and is so loving wink emoticon thank you so very much for the best cat ever!!! Lucy says Happy New Year”

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