Abby was abandoned in a kennel when we were closed. She was very scared and took us months before she trusted us enough to handle her. Even then, she was a little unpredictable. Two lovely women from up north decided to give this girl a chance.

Here is our latest update: “Missy Thing, Abby is settling in. So glad we all were able to rendezvous, Saturday! Y’all are doing wonderful work, on a host of levels. She lets us pick her up and
hold her for a while. She has little nips she offers, occasionally and also lots of head buts and purrs. She is still quite curious about her new sister and her quiet surroundings and has discovered there are so many places for kitty naps and so little time. Will keep you updated and thank you so very much for working with us and Abby.”

This picture of her is so fitting.

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