Our Rabies Clinic is scheduled for June 3rd at 800 W. 1St Street from 9am to 1pm. All vaccinations are $10 and will be given by Dr. Stevenson. Please bring your pets in a carrier or on a leash. If they are not pet or people friendly, we prefer they stay in a vehicle until it is their turn for the safety of other.

Event Information

at PAWS of Grays Harbor
800 W. First Street, Aberdeen WA

Come in and register your pet early to help us have a better idea of how many vaccines to order for the day, or pre register online now.

Our goal is to make it affordable to all pet owners to have their pets vaccinated against rabies. At the price of only $10 a pet, this is a huge savings compared to what it would cost at any veterinary office.

Our Rabies Clinic is held here at PAWS of Grays Harbor the first Saturday of May every year. Dr. John Stevenson generously donates his time to protect the citizens and pets of our county.

Required Vaccination Schedule

For Puppies and Kittens:
16 Weeks –> 1 Year Old –> Repeat Every 3 Years

For Adults with Unknown History:
Now –> 1 Year –> Repeat Every 3 Years

*Beginning January 1, 2012, all dogs, cats, and ferrets in Washington must have up-to-date rabies vaccines. Rabies is a deadly virus that can affect people and animals. Any mammal can get rabies. However, bats are the only animal in Washington known to carry rabies. In other states, raccoons, skunks, foxes, and coyotes are known to carry rabies.

Washington State rule, WAC 246-100-197 says: An owner of a dog, cat, or ferret shall have it vaccinated against rabies and revaccinated following veterinary and vaccine manufacturer instructions. An “owner” is any person legally responsible for the care and actions of a pet animal.


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