Our Services

Please note, a few prices have changes as of August 2022. We are no longer able to administer pre-purchased vaccines or provide ear cleaning.

  • Cat Flea Treatment: $15
  • Dog Flea Treatment (up to 55 lbs): $15
  • Dog Flea Treatment (55lbs+): $20
  • Cat Dewormer Pill: $5 (2-3 lbs), $10 (4-8 lbs), $15 (9-12 lbs), $20 (13-16 lbs)
  • Dog Dewormer Pill: $5 (less than 6 lbs), $10 (6-12 lbs), $15 (12-25 lbs), $20 (25-50 lbs), $25 (50-100 lbs), $30 (100-150 lbs)
  • Nail Trim: $15 – SCHEDULE YOUR VISIT online
  • Dog Bath (self): $15
  • Slip Lead: $5
  • Cardboard Cat Carrier: $5
  • Dry Dog/Cat Food: Free Upon Request and often left outside front door during hours of operation

Release Fees

  • Cat: $20
  • Kitten: $10
  • Dog: $30
  • Puppy: $10
  • Medical Issues: +$35 (on top of regular fee)
  • Senior Pet: $35
We promote responsible pet care in our community while caring for and matching homeless cats and dogs with committed loving families. The reduction of unwanted animals living on the streets keeps our pets safe while reducing the spread of disease. We are able to do this through the many programs we offer.

Our Community Programs

Adoption Program

The Adoption Program matches homeless cats and dogs with families suited to their own specific needs. Our goal is to get to know each family so that we may match them with the best pet for their home and lifestyle. Adoption fees vary by animal species, size, and age; in hopes of creating an affordable option for those wanting a companion. These fees help us spay or neuter, vaccinate, flea treat, worm, and provide critical care for each of our shelter pets.

Why Adopt HERE Release Help HERE Adoptable Pets HERE Adoption Application HERE

Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Program allows people from all walks of life to learn about caring for pets and working with the public. Our volunteers come to us for many reasons: Community members looking for extracurricular activities, students working toward graduation credits, those looking for work experience with the public or in an animal-related field, and court-ordered community service hours for nonviolent offenders. The one thing these people all have in common is they love animals.

How to Get Involved HERE Volunteer Application HERE

Pet Care Education Program

The Pet Care Education Program offers many services to our community. Through this program, the shelter meets with children and community members to talk about the importance of responsible pet care. Our staff and volunteers also instruct pet owners on how to properly care for their pets’ needs. Some of the most popular topics are training through positive reinforcement, bathing your pet, how to trim nails,  giving vaccinations, proper diet, mental stimulation, and exercise.

Services for Public HERE

Pet Food Pantry Program

The Pet Food Pantry Program helps feed the pets in our community. There are many in our community who struggle with the most basic of needs that their pet may require due to a lack of funding. Through this program, we provide pet food to those who are in need. During office hours we have an open container with individually sealed bags of dog and/or cat food that is free to the public to grab as needed.


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