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Each quantity of $20 purchased will go towards the cost of Annabelle’s surgery and care. At this time we have not received our final bill. I will increase the number of shares available sponsoring this procedure once the final bill comes in. Thank you for supporting the much needed care of our shelter animals. Without the help of our community, these procedures would not be possible.

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Annabelle came to us at 6 weeks of age in desperate need of surgery. She had a dangerous baseball sized hernia that was in urgent need of care. Companion Animals Hospital’s, Dr. Alfrejd quickly scheduled and performed her life saving surgery. A week later due to complications she was rushed in for a second surgery. She has managed to find a permanent place in Dr. Alfrejd’s heart. Thank you for saving our little Annabelle. We are able to provide much needed vet care to our animals through generous donations from animal lovers in our community.