Help PAWSGH Care for Helpless Animals Like River the Kitten

She was cold and scared.

A small kitten, unable to move her back legs.

There she was, sitting helpless where someone had cast her aside, in the side yard at PAWS of Grays Harbor.

As soon as we saw her, we rushed the kitten inside PAWSGH, and gave her an examination.

As well as her useless back legs, her tummy was badly distended—almost completely impacted with something like small rocks or gravel. We named her River, and treated her condition as best we could, but we didn’t know if she was going to make it through the night….

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Now Hiring Executive Director

Do you want to help animals in need, join a fun and committed team of animal-lovers, and make the community of Grays Harbor a better place? If so, PAWSGH might be looking for you!

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Help Loveable Goofball Bonded Pair of Doggies Bonnie & Clyde

The call came in early one morning.


A woman had watched as someone dumped two dogs by the side of the road out in the middle of nowhere. The dogs were just sitting where they were left, clearly waiting patiently for their owner to return.

But no one was coming.

With no other alternatives available, PAWSGH took them in.

They are two of the sweetest dogs we have ever seen:

Bonnie and Clyde

What’s more, they were intensely bonded with each other —even being out of one another’s sight for a few seconds and they would become agitated.

The kennels at PAWSGH, while spacious, typically only allow for one dog each when the residents are big doggies like Bonnie and Clyde.

We knew, though, that wouldn’t work with these two.

They needed to be together. They thought that all they had in the world was each other.

But, they also had PAWSGH.

Working quickly, we decided to remove a wall between two of our kennels, so Bonnie and Clyde could have a “VIP Suite” – and stay together at all times.

As soon as the renovation was complete they were sleeping soundly—touching each other for comfort.

And because of their strong bond, we will not separate Bonnie and Clyde—they are a “package deal” for their lucky new family, whomever they may be.

Many shelters would not be able to create a livable space for Bonnie and Clyde, let alone make the crucial decision to keep them together and wait for the right forever home that can accept both of these two goofballs.

But, PAWSGH is not like many other shelters.

We care so much about our animal residents, both for the time they are with us, and how we can best equip them to be happy in their forever homes.

Bonnie and Clyde can stay together with us for as long as it takes to find that perfect forever home.

But, we can’t do this on our own.

That’s why we need YOUR help.



Please, send your gift today so that we can keep caring for beautiful animals like Bonnie and Clyde until they are reunited with family.

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PAWSGH Working With Furvana 2021

We have exciting news!

PAWSGH was chosen to be this year’s charity beneficiary from Furvana, which is a furry convention being held in Ocean Shores, September 10-12th, 2021. For more info on the con, check out Furvana’s official website at:

Thank you so much for having us Furvana!  We look forward to the event and hope many folks will join us at the convention!


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