Help Precious Kittens Like Squish


This is Squish. Squish came to us too small and weak to feed himself.

Every year, in the Spring and Summer, it’s “Kitten Season.” We see a huge increase in the number of kittens coming into PAWSGH.

Hundreds and hundreds of kittens, litter after litter after litter.

While we can talk about the importance of spaying and neutering—which is critically important—that won’t help the kittens who are already born and struggling.

Kittens like Squish.

Fortunately, PAWSGH is here to help them.

We take in those unwanted, unloved kittens and give them what they need.

We give them medical care.

We give them food.

We give them a safe place to live and grow.

We give them love.

And, whenever they are ready, we adopt them out to people who will treasure them forever.

Squish is doing fine, and will be ready in a couple of weeks to find his forever home.

Just like his many fellow kittens that PAWSGH cares for, every Spring and Summer—and all year ’round.

However, we can’t continue to save all these precious kittens without your help.

So please, take a moment and send your gift today to PAWSGH, so we can keep making sure these kittens will have a chance for a happy life.


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Help Save the “Big City Bunnies”


Last year, the Seattle Animal Shelter rescued over 270 animals–mostly rabbits and guinea pigs–from a terrible hoarding situation. They nursed the animals back to health, and then reached out to PAWSGH to see if we could help.

At first we thought we couldn’t–the shelter isn’t set up for small animals, but then we thought if everyone in the community worked together, there might be something we could do for these “Big City Bunnies.”

We got in contact with the Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds, and they graciously allowed us to have use of their “Bunny Barn” to house rabbits.

Next, we got in touch with the local 4-H group, who were so kind and able to offer a small army of folks to help care for the rabbits while they are with us.

Now, we need YOUR help.

First, we need to find homes for these beautiful, healthy rabbits. They’ve all been given the best vet care, socialized, and spayed/neutered. They are ready to find their forever homes. You can see the rabbits here. When you find your bunny match, fill out an adoption application and we will contact you. The big Adoption Event will be April 11th, and the Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds in Elma.

Second, we need your support. While we don’t usually adopt rabbits, we couldn’t pass up this chance to help these bunnies (and our friends at the Seattle Animal Shelter). All of our programs–rescues, adoptions, spay/neuter vouchers, community care, pet food pantry, humane education, and many more–cost money to operate, and adding one more has put a yet another demand on our resources.

So, please, take a moment today to donate to PAWSGH, and help us to save these bunnies.

How to Adopt a Bunny:

1. View all of the available rabbits on our adoption page here.

2. When you find the bunny (or bunnies) you like, fill out the adoption application here.  (since we don’t normally have rabbits, for “animal type” just select “cat.”) If you would like more than one rabbit, fill out a separate adoption application for each bunny.

3. Someone from PAWSGH will contact you about your adoption application. You can pay the adoption fee of $25.00 early, all rabbits will be picked up at the Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds during the Adoption Event on Sunday, April 11. from 12:00-5:00pm.

4, All rabbit adoptions are on a first-come, first served basis. To make sure you get the bunny you want, fill out the adoption application and submit the adoption fee when your application is approved. Once your application is approved and you have submitted the adoption fee, the rabbit will be removed from the adoptable section of the website.

5. All final adoption decisions are made by PAWSGH and the Animal Director.

6. Questions? Contact us via email at


How to Donate to Help PAWSGH and the Big City Bunnies:

1. Go to the donation page here.

2. Your generous gift will not only help these bunnies, but will also help PAWSGH continue to find innovative ways to save animals.

3. Thank you for supporting PAWSGH!