Why to Adopt

There are many reasons to adopt. Shelter animals have lots of love to offer and are waiting for loving families to give them security and commitment in their lives. Having a pet can reduce stress and high blood pressure. Adding a companion to your life may save it. Many people learn that the company of a pet enhances their lives in many ways; they offer a sense of security, you never have to clean up the crumbs you drop, They know how to live each day to itโ€™s fullest and someone is always happy when you get home. Knowing a pet is keeping an eye on things can offer comfort. Criminals are often deterred by a barking dog. You donโ€™t need a guard dog to protect your home, just the presence of a dog will often deter someone.

Adoption is often much less expensive than buying a pet or getting one for free. Our adoption fee covers veterinary care that is often much more expensive than the fee itself. Even free pets need a lot of veterinary care during the first year of life.

Over 2 million pets are euthanized in the United States every year in shelters due to lack of available homes. If more people considered adopting rather than buying, this could save many lives. Shelter animals are often purebreds, and have often had some training.

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